• Juliette C. Morgan


Juliette Caryl Morgan


I guide you in exploring your sexuality and expanding your capacity for sensual and sexual pleasure. I seek to awaken your curiosity for unlived potential and assist you in finding your own self-determined learning path.

You and your body are warmly welcome, just as you are, with the themes and interests you bring with you. I support you – with empathy, humour and a richness of professional experience – in making new discoveries and dealing with potential (sexual) challenges and blockages.

My background experience with erotic coaching and roleplay, as well as my work as a Sacred Intimate, have strengthened my appreciation for the power of sexual exploration and development within a protected, non-judgmental space. I particularly appreciate the process-oriented, somatic approach of Sexological Bodywork, which focuses completely on you, your exploration and your learning.

Sessions can include talking, bodywork and mindful touch, as well as the teaching of techniques that help you sense more deeply. My somatic knowledge is based on trainings in Shiatsu and Lomi-Lomi massage, a current training in holistic bodywork, three years of training as an alternative health practitioner, as well as numerous workshops on breathing techniques, hypnosis, conscious kink, dance and movement.

In 2018 I completed my training in Sexological Bodywork with the Institute for Somatic Education, Sexuality & Bodywork Berlin (ISB), followed by a further years training with the Australian Institute for Somatic Sexology. I am currently part of the ISB team in Berlin, supporting the professional training programme as a coach.

I am very passionate about the Sexological Bodywork methods, which I experience as uncomplicated and accessible, yet wonderfully effective. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge with you.