We invite you to join us in developing a regular self-love practice – a ritual that you can celebrate both in the
supportive energy of the group or individually at home.

Find your own journey towards developing or regaining erotic strength and skills.

Open yourself up to a range of new sensations and discover your body as your largest erotic zone.

Presented by Juliette Caryl Morgan and Mareen Scholl

Information about new dates coming soon!


More about Orgasmic Yoga and the weekly practice


Orgasmic Yoga is a collective somatic learning activity of embodied self-touch, breath, voice and movement.
It was developed by Joseph Kramer, with input from Sexological Bodyworkers.

Why do we practice Orgasmic Yoga?

Self-love is our most intimate and natural way of dealing with ourselves and our sexuality. With Orgasmic Yoga, we find our way back to the body and embark on a search for our expression of sensuality. We may encounter acceptance, creativity, love, lust and passion, but also reservations, displeasure, fears and shame. We embrace all feelings as sources of learning about ourselves and in acceptance that no one is perfect in their sexuality. We meet in the space between who we are and who we want to be without judgement. As an expression of our self-appreciation, we deepen the intimacy with ourselves and allow everything that wants to be in this moment to emerge. Thus, orgasmic yoga is both a deep bodily practice and an embodied meditation.

What happens at an Orgasmic Yoga meeting?

With Orgasmic Yoga we explore the love for ourselves, our body and our sensuality. Together we embark on a sensual and playful journey, where each of us can unfold and rediscover our sexuality, as self-love, from meeting to meeting. The goal of Orgasmic Yoga is not necessarily orgasm (though climaxes are welcome), but the conscious sensing into your sensual and sexual energy, in the way in which it presents itself in the moment – or not. It is an invitation to open up new sensory spectrums and discover your body as your largest erogenous zone, enjoying a state of “orgasmicity” – an increased capacity for sensing pleasure, free of shame and performance pressure. Through regular practice, to which the word “yoga” refers, sexual energy can be integrated into everyday life.

We meet in a circle, each person on their own mat. We support each other, however Orgasmic Yoga is a solo practice, without interaction in the form of touching others. Sometimes our eyes are open, at other times closed. We allow ourselves to be inspired by one another, yet out gaze does not linger anywhere. The centre of the circle provides space for larger movements or dancing.

In the group there is space for your own way to appreciate yourself, as it feels right for you. You decide yourself how much nakedness you want to show, how much clothing you want to wear, how expressive or in-depth you want to show yourself in the group.

Sometimes the meetings will be accompanied by live music or a playlist. At other times your practice will be supported simply by voice, breath and movement.

OY is an activity inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, abilities and ages (18+)
The meetings will be presented in German and English.